You might be lost if…

If you found your way here by clicking the “El Coyote” avatar on the Hoaxtead Research blog, in hopes of divining EC’s sooper-seekrit identity, you’ve come to the right place.

Yep, this is me.

But that’s no big secret, since Scarlet and I announced that I’d be here waaaaaaaay back in August 2015.

If you’re hoping to find things like my shoe size, the make and model of car I drive, or my phone number…sorry. You won’t get that here.

But nice of you to drop by! Better luck next time. Nice try meme

7 thoughts on “You might be lost if…

  1. Hi there,
    Good work on Hoaxtead!

    -I have just had word from Quaintance, about an hour ago on Facebook. I therefore assume he has recently been released from custody.
    He sent me a very carefully worded apology, sounding scared before he deleted me from his account.
    -I would be happy to send you two screen shots if you would like to post them as supporting evidence.
    Kind regards,
    Nick (Williams)

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